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This is The Nature Positive Network. A podcast where biodiversity, business and tech collaborate for nature positivity. We are wildlife scientists, ecologists, and conservationists using our powers in tech and entrepreneurship for good. And we are not alone. Our mission is to uncover the people and businesses contributing to biodiversity regeneration and showcase the technology helping us get there.

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Wednesday Apr 10, 2024

This episode of the Nature Positive Network podcast, presented by Xylo Systems, features a conversation with Jon Wah, co-founder and president of The discussion delves into Jon's personal motivation drawn from witnessing deforestation in Chiang Mai, his transition from a tech background at Amazon Web Services to focusing on climate finance and carbon markets. aims to accelerate nature positive outcomes by utilizing data and geospatial machine learning to make carbon feasibility studies more accessible and increase investor confidence in carbon markets. The podcast explores the significance of nature-based carbon projects, the challenges and technicalities involved in baselining and project verification, and how is developing technology solutions to simplify these processes for carbon project financers and developers. Jon also shares insights into the future of the nature-based carbon market and's direction towards model-based approaches for standardizing and scaling impact in carbon credit issuance.
You can learn more at's website:

Wednesday Mar 27, 2024

We're talking today with Rachel Lim, an impact investment analyst at Silverstrand Capital, discussing their focus on biodiversity and regenerative agriculture. Rachel shares insights on the Biodiversity Accelerator Plus program and trends in nature tech investing, emphasizing the importance of people and finding mission-aligned investors.
Applications are open for the Biodiversity Accelerator until 31st March 2024, apply here:
Silverstrand Capital:
Biodiversity Accelerator:
Silverstrand's LinkedIn:

Wednesday Mar 13, 2024

We're back for Season 2! Today, Camille interviews Lisa Miller, CEO and founder of Wedgetail VC, discussing her journey from science to tech and her vision for conservation and technology. The conversation covers the use of storytelling and pop culture to inspire action for nature, the importance of MRV technologies, and the initiatives and vision of Wedgetail VC for a nature positive 2030 and beyond.
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Monday Mar 04, 2024

Camille and Jada are back for Season 2 of the Nature Positive Network Podcast. Tune in as we interview the innovators, builders, funders and researchers at the front line of creating a nature positive future.
Coming to you in the next few weeks.

Thursday Aug 17, 2023

This week, we released the Nature Frameworks Report 2023, diving into the highly anticipated frameworks and initiatives setting the scene for how organisations will report on nature impacts.
In the final episode for Season 1 of the Nature Positive Network Podcast, hosts and Xylo Systems co-founders, Camille and Jada, dive deep into these frameworks, how we can use data to meet their requirements, and their hot-takes on where nature frameworks might be lacking.

Wednesday Jul 26, 2023

Biodiversity Net Gain legislation in the UK, TNFD, biodiversity offsets and biodiversity development from a corporate lens. The latest Nature Positive Network Podcast covers it all with guest Dr Michael Burgass, co-founder of Biodiversify, and host Jada Andersen.
Mike has conducted ecology and conservation research with multiple well-regarded universities including the University of York and the University of Oxford and has a PhD from the Imperial College London looking at the challenges relating to the design and use of environmental indicators in policy and practice. He also worked as an environmental consultant for other organisations before launching his own in Biodiversify. Biodiversify is a UK-based biodiversity consultancy takes a client-focused approach to solving challenges companies face when the words ‘nature’ and ‘biodiversity’ arise.

Wednesday Jul 05, 2023

Conservation, biodiversity, food, greenwashing and supply chains, this episode has it all.
Join host Camille Goldstone-Henry, and guest, Lauren Branson, CEO and Co-founder of Calyx.Eco, as they dive into how Calyx helps businesses in the food industry design eco products and assess their carbon, water and biodiversity footprint along supply chains. Lauren is a conservationist, leader in food system sustainability and passionate about delivering on a new normal - one that measures success on a triple bottom line - people planet and profit.
Lauren's hope for 2030? "If we could see everything built and grown, and an economy that has regeneration deeply embedded into its growth, I'd think we'd be in a beautiful place, and that's my hope for 2030."
Good on you:

Wednesday Jun 21, 2023

In this episode, Freddie Lancia, Lead Data Scientist at Xylo Systems, take us to the global initiatives for climate and environment with Oskar Dhal from Climaider. Climaider helps businesses to calculate, reduce and offset their CO2 emissions. Oskar Dhal, co-founder and Head of Partnerships at Climaider, lives in Copenhagen and started Climaider together with his high school friend Oliver. Freddie and Oskar explore the intersection between carbon credits and biodiversity, and what the future of climate tech looks like. 

Wednesday May 10, 2023

From a zoo keeper to a sustainability analyst to a nature tech entrepreneur, Dr Roger Tang, Managing director and co-founder of Envirometrics joins host Jada Andersen. Roger takes us through his journey in the field of environmental monitoring and reporting. We discuss Envirometrics, a spatial analytics software that uses satellite imagery, and Roger's experience launching an edtech startup now used at the University of Oxford. Tune in to hear how Roger's innovative approach to ecological monitoring is revolutionizing the mining industry.

Wednesday May 03, 2023

Dr Natalie Schmitt is the Founder & CEO of WildTechDNA, a company developing a fast, low-cost and accessible solution for species detections out in the field. Natalie is also a marine ecologist, conservation geneticist and documentary presenter. Today, we dive into Natalie's conservation journey and how WildTechDNAs is helping businesses become nature positive.


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